Zonco Services Parnters With AZA

Thanks to all that gave to Zonco and Association of Zambians in Atlanta the kids got the supplies in Zambia. We still need your help. 

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Our Zonco team has been busy at work. Here is our managing director Mr. Zondi Sambo showing the school supplies that have been donated to the Kalingalinga Community School.

Contact us and partner with us for these worthy community projects! School supplies such as writing pads, pens, color pencils, also hygiene items like toothpaste and toothbrushes, combs are included in our care packages.

Zonco Services join us as we touch the future.
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A donation of automated hand sanitizers was made this year for the casualty ward in the hospital of a developing nation called Zambia. ZoncoServices.com based in Atlanta and Zambia has managed to get some hand sanitizers given as a duty to aid doctors, patients, visitors and infrastructure to the hospital.Our goal is to service all wards of the hospital with hand sanitizers for cleanliness and hygiene issues. The poor nation needs to get these products as sometimes water runs out. Any help would be motivating and appreciated.

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Special thanks to all those that contributed to the Association of Zambia, Zonco and the donors that made it possible to serve and give hope to the underprivileged children in Zambia. This is just the beginning to spread the program to other schools in different cities. God bless you and we will count on you again.

Miyafi school children outside Mkushi district of Zambia, 300 km from the capital Lusaka benefit from the donations of Zonco Services.